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My Husband’s Wife by Jane Corry

I’m part of a book club at our local brewery. We meet once a month and discuss books that we read on a certain theme, not necessarily a specific book. Twice a year, we do a blind book exchange! This past Christmas, I had My Husband’s Wife in my hands TWICE when it was stolen. (Oddly enough, I ended up with the book that I had brought…guess it wasn’t a good one?) When I saw my mom reading it on our holiday travels, I was pumped. I always inherit the books she reads once she’s done with them.

The Story

my husband's wife jane corry

When young lawyer Lily marries Ed, she’s determined to make a fresh start and leave the secrets of the past behind. But then she takes on her first murder case and meets Joe, a convicted murderer to whom Lily is strangely drawn—and for whom she will soon be willing to risk almost anything.

But Lily is not the only one with secrets. Her next-door neighbor Carla may be only nine, but she has already learned that secrets are powerful things. That they can get her whatever she wants.

When Lily finds Carla on her doorstep twelve years later, a chain of events is set in motion that can end only one way.

My Thoughts

Now, some of the wonderful women at book club really hyped this book up. My mom couldn’t put it down. That’s some pretty high praise on both parts. I gave My Husband’s Wife three stars. Didn’t blow me away, but I kept reading.

I’ve said this before: With books in the “real world,” there needs to be a level of believability. A lawyer…sexually obsessing over an inmate whose appeal she’s running? Not believable. That’s a massive conflict of interest.

I also had a hard time with Carla’s mother. (Somewhat spoiler ahead? Though, chances are you’ll pick up on what I’m about to say as you’re reading the book.) It was clear she was being taken advantage of and used sexually. That’s always hard to hear about or read.

Carla as a character also drove me bananas. I though she was precious as a small child, and the bullying and loneliness made her more endearing. However, those same tendencies transferred into adult Carla just didn’t work. I’m fairly certain that Jane Corry wrote Carla to be hated, but it was a different level of hatred. I wasn’t just rooting against her. I wanted her gone.

The longer that I think about My Husband’s Wife and really dive into the characters and the storyline, the less I liked the characters! Ross is the only one who is decent. Everyone else has major problems.

Like a lot of my three-star reads, My Husband’s Wife would be great for a poolside or beach read. Grab it to go on a trip. Don’t go into reading it with any sort of expectations, and I think you’ll enjoy it. (That sounded snarkier than it should have. Honestly, it was decent and a great read if you’re looking for something fairly quick.)

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