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My Favorite Bookstagram Accounts to Follow

In case you missed it, Down the Book Jar originally started as an Instagram account. See, there’s an entire world of book lovers on Instagram, known as bookstagram. Thousands of accounts dedicated to books and authors and sharing their favorites.

I will also say that the world of bookstagram is so kind.

Yes, there are massive drawbacks to social media, but in the bookstagram world, you’re “competing” over who has read more books or who gets access to ARCs that you wanted or relationships with publishers. Plus, you get so many ideas for new books to add to your TBR. There’s a hashtag: #bookstagrammademedoit.

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I’ve been able to connect with so many book lovers, so I wanted to share a few of my favorites.


I think Rachel is actually the first bookish account I ever followed. I had never seen someone read hundreds of books in a year. Plus, she was so deliberate about reading and choosing the books that she reads. Follow @alltheradreads on Instagram.


I’m actually pretty new to following this account! I noticed someone else I follow had mentioned her, and I just had to check it out. She writes AMAZING reviews, which is tough to do on Instagram. We seem to have very similar reading styles too (#moodreading). Follow @readswithrosie on Instagram.


This is another account that I’m fairly new to following. Zach loves both books and Broadway, which is just a perfect match for me. Plus, he will go book shopping when he gets stressed or needs to unwind. Then, he tells everyone which books he got, so my TBR grows. Follow @broadwaybookworm on Instagram.


Jenna is an absolute gem! She’s a mother of two and loves books and plants. She loves puzzles and reads such a variety of books. Not only does she give great reviews, but she’s also done a lot of Q&As about growing your bookstagram and being engaged. Follow @jennastopreading on Instagram.


Yes, Victoria Schwab is an author, but she counts as part of the book community! What I love about following her is how real she is. In general. She recently released her newest novel, The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue, and posted about how nervous and excited she was. She shared her doubt and insecurity and how you can get in your head in all the wrong ways sometimes. Listen, authors are celebrities to me, so seeing her be so real is really cool. Follow @veschwab on Instagram. OR Check out her books!


Sally Hepworth is another author who I follow. I read one of her books earlier this year, The Mother-In-Law, and immediately fell in love with her. (She has another book coming out in 2021!) Her bookstagram is so fun! She does makeup tutorials and talks about fashion and books and shares her life. It’s just fun to follow her. Follow @sallyhepworth on Instagram. OR Check out her books!

This is just the tip of the iceberg. There are hundreds of book people that I have loved connecting with. Social media is a cruel place, but there’s a lot of light in the book community. Do you have any accounts you’d recommend that I didn’t include?

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