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Perfect Gifts for Bookworms

Happy Holidays, friends! While I have created this list of the perfect gifts for bookworms with Christmas in mind, it can really apply to any and all gift-giving holidays (birthdays, pick-me-ups, anniversaries, etc.)!

Tech Gifts for Bookworms

Surprise! “Tech Gifts for Bookworms” is not actually an oxymoron. Ten years ago, it probably would have been. I’ll still always prefer the feel of an actual book in my hands, but there are some technological advances I have found to be quite convenient.


There are a few variations of Kindle now. I personally have the Kindle Paperwhite and really like it! There is also the Kindle Oasis (which is the most expensive). Additionally, Amazon has a Fire tablet that can work as a Kindle while also allowing you to surf the web, stream some shows, or even shop!

Personally, I see no reason to splurge for options without ads. I thought they would be obstructive, but they’re only ever there when you unlock the device.

Timer Bookmark

This is a super nerdy idea, but it’s also a really good one! I time myself when I read because it’s been a goal of 2020 to read for 20,000 minutes. I just use the timer on my phone, but a timer bookmark is a great option! This could also be helpful for teaching or encouraging kids to read. The bookmark can count up or down.

Wireless Headphones

If you have a bookworm friend who loves audiobooks, they probably need a nice set of wireless headphones. Depending on the recipient, they may enjoy earbuds more than headphones (or vice versa). I’m not personally a huge fan of audiobooks, but I am a huge fan of my Anker wireless earbuds.

Audiobook Subscriptions

Now, there are a TON of audiobook services out there, so you can always price shop or see if your recipient has an existing subscription somewhere. Some common options are:

While you’re shopping this holiday season, don’t forget to install the Rakuten browser extension to earn cash back and save! Click here to get $30 cash back on your first $30 purchase!

Cozy Gifts for Bookworms

There’s a reason “curl up with a good book” is a fairly common thing to say. Bookworms also love to be cozy! Now, “cozy” means something a little bit different to us all, but these are a few of my absolute favorites.

Sherpa Blanket

You cannot go wrong with a Sherpa blanket. I have one (I got at Costco a few years ago) and it is just the warmest thing.

Tea or Coffee

I do like the occasional cup of tea, but I definitely prefer my coffee. There’s nothing better than a bug mug of something warm.

Tea Options:

Coffee Options:

Massive Mug

Mugs are so universal now. Use them for the tea or coffee you got your bookworm, or you can make mug cakes/brownies, drink water, have some wine…mugs are good for anything.

Books for Bookworms

Now, if you want my top selections for the best books of all time, I’ve got you covered. However, there are some more recent or popular books that make great picks. (My tastes can be…unique sometimes.)

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