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The Ultimate BookTok Holiday Challenge

Surprise! I am on TikTok. I just got a wild hair one day and signed up. I was also talking to a friend recently about it, and it’s way less pressure than other social media platforms. Plus, the BookTok community has been incredibly welcoming. That’s why I’m taking my annual holiday challenge to TikTok. Call it The BookTok Holiday Challenge or the BookTok Year-End Wrap Up…it’s just a fun way for us too wrap up the year, talk about the books we’ve read, and our goals for next year.

Here are the rules…

Surprise! There are no rules. Reading is one of the lowest-pressure hobbies in the world. It wouldn’t be fair if I put rules in place for this challenge. It’s just a fun way for people on BookTok to connect and share books.

Now, a couple of notes though:

  • This is designed to be done every day in December, which is why there are 31 prompts.
  • Let’s all connect on by using the same hashtag! Use #BookTokHolidayChallenge and feel free to tag me! (@downthebookjar) I’ll repost!

Do the prompts in order. Do the prompts out of order. Do all the prompts. Do only a few of the prompts. Don’t do any of the prompts but follow the hashtags.

Do with it what you will! There are no rules to the BookTok Holiday Challenge.

The Ultimate BookTok Holiday Challenge

  1. Show off your holiday decor!
  2. Let’s see your coffee (or hot beverage of choice) and what you’re currently reading.
  3. What’s a book you read because you were influenced by BookTok?
  4. Do a quick (or detailed) review of the last book you gave five stars to.
  5. What’s a book you read this year that you would NOT recommend?
  6. Growing up, what was one of your favorite books to read?
  7. What’s your favorite genre to read?
  8. Share a quote (or five) from one of your favorite books.
  9. Let’s call this “Book & Currently Burning.” What are you reading and what candle are you burning?
  10. Share 3 random books you read this year you think others should read too.
  11. What are the prettiest books you own?
  12. Who are your favorite BookTok-ers to follow? Tag them and spread the word!
  13. What’s your go-to place to buy books?
  14. Share a 2022 read and your coziest blanket.
  15. Give a tour of your bookshelf! How do you organize your books?
  16. What are 5 books you bought this year?
  17. Share your favorite book series.
  18. What’s a book on your shelf that was recommended by a friend?
  19. Read something new somewhere new!
  20. What’s your favorite holiday tradition?
  21. Show off your current read and your furry loved ones!
  22. What’s your favorite book to re-read?
  23. #FitCheck Show off your outfit with one of your favorite books.
  24. Who is your favorite author?
  25. What’s the last book you received as a gift?
  26. Can you take a video of all the books you read so far in 2022?
  27. Keep a book journal? SHOW US!
  28. What are your 2023 reading goals?
  29. Award: Best Fiction Book You Read in 2022
  30. Award: Best Non-Fiction Book You Read in 2022
  31. Award: The Best Book You Read in 2022

Want to use my custom stickers for your TikTok video? I got you. These are on a transparent background, so you’ll still get the full view of your video.

I know you can’t see it, but this is the white version!

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