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Summer Reading Bingo

Growing up, I used to LOVE participating in the library’s summer reading programs. Part of that was always some sort of list or summer reading bingo. It was so easy to do, and I always got the prizes. It was something small like a free kids meal at a fast food place, but it was so cool to earn that meal by reading!

Now, while I may not have a ton of prizes to give out, I want to help adults continue to chase that high of completing a summer reading bingo card. Try and beat your book club to do it or maybe even your bible study. Grab your friends or your coworkers, and just enjoy reading this summer.

summer reading bingo for adults 5x5 grid with options

Summer Reading Bingo

  • Read 10 books.
  • Read a book I’ve reviewed on the blog! There are plenty, so take your pick. You can even go deep into the archives when I was doing my reviews on Adventures in Nonsense.
  • Read a children’s book or young adult novel.
  • A book with a yellow cover.
  • Read a book written by a female author. In case you need inspiration, check out my list of the best female authors of all time, with my favorite books written by each of them.
  • Finish a book in one day.
  • Choose a book off of Reese’s Book Club list.
  • Read a “classic”.
  • Read a book that was originally published in another country. I would highly recommend The Mirror Visitor series. They were originally published in France, AND are written by a female author. I’m anxiously awaiting the September publication of the final book in the series!
  • Read a book by your favorite author.
  • Pick a nonfiction book.
  • Read a book written by a POC.
  • Read a book with a blue cover.
  • Finish an entire book series.
  • Read by the water.
  • Let a friend choose a book for you. This is a great reason to connect with your book club!
  • Pick a book off the NYT Bestseller List.
  • A thriller or suspenseful novel. This is my favorite genre, so the blog is rife with options for you to choose from. I would recommend just about anything by Lisa Gardner or maybe Gillian Flynn. Mary Kubica is another good one.
  • Read a book seen on Bookstagram, or #bookstagrammademedoit.
  • Read a historical fiction book.
  • Read a short story.
  • Read a book whose cover is your favorite color.
  • Read a sci-fi or fantasy novel.
  • Read a book published this year. I would highly recommend The Good Sister by Sally Hepworth or The Secrets of Us by Lucinda Berry.

Of course, you get a free space in there to read whatever you want. If we were going strict rules, you’d have to have a different book for each and every square (with the exception of 10 books and a book series…that would just be unfair).

Want me to be your friend and choose a book for you? Leave me a comment below or send me a message on Instagram! I love connecting with fellow book lovers.

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