Best Female Authors of All Time

Women’s History Month continues! After celebrating some of my favorite female characters, it only makes sense to honor the best female authors. These women write beautiful novels with amazing characters and are ALL on my list of “Yes, I’ll read anything they write” authors.

Adriana Trigiani

HOLY BEAUTIFUL STORIES. I don’t often like “stories.” I usually get to the end of the book and wonder why I had read it in the first place. Not when it comes to Adriana Trigiani. The Shoemaker’s Wife was my favorite book one year, and all of the others I’ve picked up from her are just incredible. Lots of tears and a warm heart.

#1 Recommended Book: The Shoemaker’s Wife

Stephanie Storey

Ahhh, art history. I visited my sister once in college when she was an art history major (for the semester) and remember being very interested in art. However, my interest is mostly limited to that of visiting museums. Stephanie Storey manages to bring the history of art to life! I can gush over Oil & Marble a million times (and I will) because it is just so beautiful. With the exception of The Shoemaker’s Wife, it’s one of the first fiction books that really made me feel something.

#1 Recommended Book: Oil & Marble

V.E. Schwab

V.E. Schwab is my entry for best female authors as it relates to the world of fantasy. I’m not a big fantasy reader, but I do love her novels. She’s done so well with world building and creativity. It makes me want to be in her books.

#1 Recommended Book: A Darker Shade of Magic

Ruth Ware

I claim Ruth Ware as the original page-turning goddess. I can never get enough of her books. My goal is always to guess the ending. Sometimes I get it, but Ruth Ware usually catches me off guard and it’s AMAZING.

#1 Recommended Book: In A Dark, Dark Wood

Lisa Gardner

Ms. Gardner is a very recent discovery! I’m not sure how my bank account will afford it, but I must read absolutely everything she has ever written. She’s like the best parts of our favorite Law & Order shows plus actual true crime and girl power too.

#1 Recommended Book: Find Her

Gillian Flynn

Oh, Gillian Flynn. My gateway into the world of suspenseful novels was Gone Girl. Everything she’s written is just amazing, and I would highly recommend. She’s extra great to read poolside or (if you’re lucky) beachside!

#1 Recommended Book: Gone Girl

Cornelia Funke

I still remember standing up in front of my class in seventh grade and going through the entire plot of Inkheart for a project in my literature class. In fact, I spoke for too long, and my teacher had to cut me off. After discovering the entire Inkworld series, Cornelia Funke quickly joined the ranks of the best female authors.

#1 Recommended Book: Inkheart

Jodi Picoult

Jodi Picoult is my OG. Like most, My Sister’s Keeper was my first Picoult novel. From there, I voraciously devoured each and every one of her books I could get my hands on. I have a select few that I keep on my shelves because I love them, and she’s just such a talented reader.

#1 Recommended Book: Nineteen Minutes

Yes, my list of the best female authors is about 50% suspense writers. I have a preferred genre, what can I say? Do you have a recommended author I haven’t added to the list? Let me know! I’ve discovered a few great authors recently, but am always interested in reading more.

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