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The Holiday Book Challenge

Happy Holidays, friends! This time of year is always my favorite, so I tend to go a little bit overboard. One of my favorite things that I’ve done the last few years is to create or participate in a challenge on #bookstagram! It’s always a fun way to reflect back on the books you’ve read this year, and to share a lot of your favorites (and warn away from books that might not have been as good). With all that being said, let’s connect on the ‘gram and share books!

If you’re looking to “do some good” with your holiday book shopping this year, be sure to check out They’re competing with Amazon’s prices while giving back to indie bookstores all over the US. You even get to select the bookstore you want to support. I’ve pulled some of my favorites, so be sure to check it out.

The Holiday Book Challenge

  1. The most beautiful book you own.
  2. Your favorite “classic”.
  3. Reading in your favorite spot.
  4. Favorite book from a “lesser-known” author. Let’s bring some new authors to light! I’ve had the opportunity to read quite a few new authors this year, and it’s going to be a challenge to pick just one.
  5. The last book you purchased.
  6. Snow stack.
  7. A random book from your TBR.
  8. A book that didn’t live up to the hype.
  9. A book published this year.
  10. Hanukkah book stack. December 10 is the first night of Hanukkah this year! Based on my research, the most commonly associated colors with the holiday are blue and white or silver.
  11. Book + Holiday Decor
  12. Book + Your Favorite Beverage
  13. A book that surprised you.
  14. Your book subscription box.
  15. A book you would recommend for book club.
  16. A Christmas tree stack. Originally, I thought just red and green, but get creative!
  17. How do you track books?
  18. What are you #currentlyreading?
  19. Your favorite way to shop for books.
  20. A book by your favorite author.
  21. A Goodreads award winner or nominee.
  22. Your favorite book series.
  23. Your favorite book to read over and over. Y’all, we had a pandemic this year. If all you book lovers didn’t go back to your favorite book at least once during lockdown, you’re letting me down.
  24. Your favorite literary character.
  25. Spell “Christmas” with titles.
  26. The last book you got as a gift.
  27. Least favorite book of the year.
  28. Favorite ARC of the year.
  29. Favorite nonfiction book of the year.
  30. Favorite fiction book of the year.
  31. Your favorite book of the year.
holiday book challenge

Use these parameters loosely! You can even use these ideas if you’re just looking for some content. I will do my best to be consistent, but it’s entirely possible that I may miss a day or two. Feel free to shuffle them around. The beauty of a book challenge is to make it your own!

Let’s connect on Goodreads! That’s how I try to keep track of my books, especially my annual reading goal. I have surpassed my 2020 goal of 75 books, so now I need to figure out how many I want to read in 2021.

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