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Keep Your Friends Close by Lucinda Berry

Lucinda Berry is back! She is one of my favorite auto-buy authors. I have enjoyed her books so much that I’ve even ranked them on my TikTok. (At the time, I hadn’t yet read Keep Your Friends Close, and now I’m having a hard time placing it in the rankings…)

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When I saw she was coming out with a new book in 2023, I pre-ordered it. (I’ve tried to do more of that this year, and hope to do even more of it in future years too.) I was in the middle of a few books so it took be a wee bit before I could get into it. To be honest, I was wary of this book after reading Off The Deep End. I was worried Lucinda Berry had taken a turn to the dark side and started just writing weird stories. Thankfully, I was wrong.

The Story

When Kiersten McCann, president of the West Hollywood Moms’ Club, turns up dead in her own pool, it quickly becomes clear this wasn’t an accident. And the party guests—all members of the exclusive club—are now key suspects in her murder.

Accusations fly, and three mothers find themselves at the center of the investigation. Whitney, Brooke, and Jade all have heavy secrets to bear…and possible motives for their friend’s murder. But as the police look closer, more secrets, betrayals, and sinister plots are revealed than the women could ever imagine.

With everything at stake, deceit threatens to shatter their illusions of the perfect life. West Hollywood will never be the same.

My Thoughts

I am a firm believer that the term “unhinged” has become overused in recent years. It’s not as bad, but it kind of feels like “literally” did a few years ago. However, it is the best word to describe Keep Your Friends Close.

This book was absolutely ridiculous in the best way. I’m a big fan of The Real Housewives shows (the earlier seasons at least), and that’s all I could think of when I read the book. Imagine if there was a death at one of the ladies’ elaborate evening parties.

And then, after the death, everyone started pointing fingers at each other and everyone’s secrets came out! We’re talking this level of drama. 👇

Keep Your Friends Close kept me guessing until the very end. And my jaw DROPPED with each and every twist that was dished out throughout the book. I also really appreciated a well-to-do female detective that kept everyone on their toes.

Now that I think about it, this book was primarily comprised of female characters that were all kind of badass in their own way. Well…kind of. You’ll understand what I mean once you read it.

Stop wasting time reading my review of Keep Your Friends Close and go buy the book! You definitely won’t regret it.

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