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My Favorite Amazon Prime Picks

I am an avid Amazon shopper. Yes, I know that Amazon is the scourge of our existence, but I’m going to need you to keep reading for a few notes on that. (It’s worth it, I promise.) Amazon Prime is usually my fallback whenever I need something, which is great. There are a ton of shopping holidays coming up, so I thought I’d share some of my favorite picks that are available through Amazon Prime.

Why You Should Continue Using Amazon

If you don’t know me, I work in e-commerce. I have worked with e-commerce sellers and brands on Amazon for the last 8+ years. I know the ins and outs and everything in between.

Amazon is an AMAZING place for businesses to get their start. I have been lucky enough to meet people who started with just $500 and have grown to multi-million dollar businesses.

Think about it: Amazon is a household name. Almost everyone and their brother shops on Amazon, to the extent that it’s almost become its own search engine for product research. Between Amazon’s extensive fulfilment network and it’s name recognition, it’s a great leg up for new businesses.

Here’s a pro tip: When you see something like this 👇 on a listing, you’re supporting a small business.

Yes, Amazon does receive a portion of these sales, but you’re still supporting independent businesses. (And, yes, I realize that Death Wish Coffee isn’t necessarily a small business, but they are one of my favorites and an easy example.)

However, continue supporting small businesses.

With all of this being said, you should ABSOLUTELY continue supporting small businesses and businesses off of Amazon. Not every brand is on Amazon, so be sure to check websites! We all know that TikTok Shop is becoming a HUGE thing (tried to get my merch there, and they were not on board with that).

There are even some instances where brands are able to utilize Amazon’s fulfilment network on their own website. Example: I’m a big fan of OWYN protein shakes. I try to order from their website when I can (they also send me coupons), but I get my items in two days because it gets shipped from an Amazon warehouse. (I can get into the specifics of this if you want me to, but it’s a bit boring.)

People are so creative and have developed incredible businesses. If given the opportunity, support them! I do my best where I can.

Alright, now that the little PSA is over, let’s get into some of my favorite Amazon Prime products.

Products You Can Buy with Amazon Prime


General PSA: Prime Day is July 16-17, 2024! This is a 48-hour period full of great deals all across Amazon. There are deals from small businesses, as well as offers on well-known brands and Amazon products as well. Searching the deals can get overwhelming if you don’t know what you’re looking for, so I’d recommend making a list so that you don’t buy too much of what you don’t need.

Keep in mind that this list is not comprehensive! I have a ton of products available to shop on my Amazon Storefront.


KINDLE PAPERWHITE. There are a few different Kindle options. The OG Kindle, Oasis, Paperwhite, Scribe, etc. They all have their pros and cons. For me, I like the Paperwhite. It’s pretty basic functionality while still having a few bells and whistles. Some of the other Kindle options are more tablet-like, which is more than I need when I’m just trying to read in the dark.

RING PRODUCTS. I always thought that the Ring Doorbell and cameras and things were excessive. However, I will say that I feel much better having something like this in my home. If you’re not a Ring person, there are a ton of other options, like Blink, Arlo, and Nest.

FIRE TABLET. Now, if you’re looking for something to function like a mini-laptop or larger phone, you should NOT get a Fire Tablet. Even the more advanced ones are still pretty rudimentary. For me, this tablet is good for having the TV on in bed or at my desk. It can also function as a Kindle should you so desire. Maybe some games too if you’re interested. It’s a cool thing to have, but it’s unlikely to replace any similar technology. They also have a few numbers in the market that they keep updating (unlike iPhones, if you need a comparison). I have the Amazon Fire 7, but the most advanced is the Amazon Fire 10.

Home & Kitchen

MILK FROTHER. I am not a fancy coffee girl, or at least not a fancy coffee at home kind of girl. However, I got a milk frother as a way to mix in my collagen to my morning coffee better and it has been a gamechanger. In fact, I just bought a second one so that I have one for coffee and one for everything else. I’ve used it to whisk eggs, emulsify salad dressing, and I will never go back.

BRUMATE. This is one of those companies that I try to purchase from directly. However, they have a higher-than-standard minimum cart for free shipping, so I don’t always need a big order. Sometimes, I just need one item. They have a limited selection available on Amazon, but it gets the job done. If you want to purchase from their website, you can CLICK HERE to save 15% off your order.

SPACE OVEN. This isn’t actually a space oven, AND I have a different (older) version than the one I have linked. As a single girl, I often cook for one. I’ll overcook so that I have leftovers later. I hate heating up my oven just to reheat some vegetables, so I was in the market for a “countertop oven“. I am obsessed with my space oven. It has replaced my toaster and is great for reheating things. It’s also an air fryer, but I tend to not use that functionality too much. Totally worth the investment if you have the space.

BODY PILLOW. I have a lot of hip problems (from my years of dancing), so sleeping with a body pillow is integral to my well being. I just upgraded to a higher quality one, and it is a little piece of heaven.


Unless I really loathe a book, you’ll find links to purchase the books that I talk about here in all of my blog posts. You can definitely start there, but here are some of my faves from the last few years. Also, these are all available as a physical book, or eBook (for your favorite Kindle device or the Kindle app).


  • PaperMate InkJoy Gel 0.7 Pens
  • Book Tabs (AKA Page Flags)
  • Dual Tip Brush Pens – These are now how I color code all of my planning documents for blogging and such.
  • Thank You Cards – Honestly, there are so many different versions that you could get, AND you should always have thank you cards on hand. Never hurts to thank a friend for having a listening ear, or thanking a family member for an unexpected gift.

Health & Beauty

I am no health or beauty guru, so take these recommendations with a grain of salt. These are products that I love that work for me, but everyone is different so please take that into account.

DERMALOGICA. This is my holy grail of skincare. This is also a brand that I purchase directly from their website. They offer Subscribe & Save options as well as free gifts with certain monetary purchases. I like those bonuses. HOWEVER, the brand is also available on Amazon should you need something last minute or just want to try without giving your information to a new website. (Also available at Ulta.)

L-THEANINE. I call these my “stress pills“. It’s the calming ingredient found in green tea, just super concentrated. I think it says that one pill is the equivalent of 8 glasses of green tea. Truthfully, I have them on hand for when I fly or when I’m just feeling SUPER overwhelmed or PMSing, if we’re being honest. It also might just be a placebo, but it’s an inexpensive placebo that works for me, so I’ll take it.

DEAD SEA MUD MASK. I face mask maybe once a week, once every 10 days or so. I alternate between a few different options too, depending on what I’m feeling. (PS. One of my favorites is the Charcoal Rescue Mask from Dermalogica, which is one of the products NOT available on Amazon.) The Dead Sea mask is a great option for a bit of a gentler mask.

3D EYE MASK. I need total and complete darkness when I sleep, and have loved these eye masks. The particular one I get has a little elastic band over the nose that shuts out even more of the light. I can tell the difference between when I sleep with it or if I forget it when I travel. (Can you tell I love good sleep?)


PAJAMA JUMPSUIT. I LIVE for this jumpsuit. I wanted something cute and casual for some of the pre-wedding festivities for a friend, and this jumpsuit delivered. I call it the pajama jumpsuit because it feels like PJS. It’s so stinking comfortable. Honestly, like being in public in your pajamas but it still being socially acceptable and pretty cute. There are a ton of colors and patterns, and you can dress it up or dress it down.

PAJAMA ROMPER. There also exists a romper version of the jumpsuit. The shorts are a wee bit longer than I would personally like them to be, but it’s still ridiculously comfortable.

BRIXLEY CROSSBODY BAG. I purchased this bag from Amazon because (I thought) I needed it quickly (and I also wanted to avoid a shipping fee). The brand has a limited color variation on Amazon, but has SO MANY OPTIONS on their website. I had gotten this for a trip to Europe, but it’s been a great little bag when I just need a little bag.

ANRABESS MAXI DRESS. If I could afford to buy this dress in every color, I would. I have a short sleeve version and two sleeveless versions. It’s super comfortable AND has pockets. It’s not a floor-length maxi, but it’s comfortably long with “slits” up the side to show off a bit of leg. The perfect summer dress.

Now, whether you’re shopping for yourself or shopping for a friend or even getting a head start on holiday shopping, let Amazon Prime be your friend! But don’t over-buy. A little retail therapy can go a long way.

Note: This post contains affiliate links, so I may receive a small commission from sales generated.